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SAIT Presidents Gala

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At Moosetek, we pride ourselves on our consultations with you, the client, throughout the process. Together we address concepts, requirements and budgets from the outset so that you are presented with a design that not only fits your event aesthetically, but economically as well.

We appreciate and value the dreams and ideas of the clients we work with, no matter the scale, and use our knowledge of the ever evolving tools and resources available to ensure that those dreams can be made a reality.

Whether you prefer a completely original design from the ground up or have specific elements or concepts in mind, we will work with you to ensure that the final product is both visually stunning and functional for your event.

Over the past 5 years, in Canada, we have had the great pleasure of working with a great many of the Calgary and area's leaders in entertainment. Including, but not limited to: One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre's annual month long festival The High Performance Rodeo, The Banff World Media Festival (formerly the Banff International Television Festival) Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and of course The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Each project takes on a life of its own and we are always anxious to watch them unfold. If it's year after year, or a solitary event, we put the same effort into making each unforgettable.

If lighting design is not at all, or not only, what you are looking for, our team is also comprised of skilled Production and Event Managers. If the logistics and coordination of all the production elements are more than you'd like to handle on your own, our team can take on the entire Production end of the project and work within your guidelines and requirements to ensure that all elements from design, to installation, to execution work together and provide a seamless experience for your guests.

We tailor our involvement and decisions to your needs. No event is the same, and no event has the same demands. Whether you need a simple detailed schedule and script, or an on site coordinator for all aspects, we ensure that you and your event have the coverage you need.

Throughout the years our duties have included any or all of the following:

- labour and transportation scheduling/ booking
- producing budgets
- sourcing suppliers
- liaising with venue production staff
- on site management and execution of talent and production elements
- and many more

Our strong design and production background coupled with our management skills mean that we are truly able to offer the complete spectrum of skills and advice to make your event a success. We also provide the added security of knowing that the designer or manager you consult with via email, phone, or in meetings, will also be on site from installation to final strike.

Computer Aided Drafting and Design is arguably one of the most valuable tools in today's entertainment and event community. At Moosetek pride ourselves on being up to date with the various tools used for the different elements of our industry.

As a WYSIWYG Perform member we at Moosetek have complete access to the most comprehensive lighting and venue design software available. Going one step further; this advanced system allows us to fully pre-program a concert-style lighting system before even entering the venue, reducing on site tech time, and allowing for less costly changes to the design ahead of time.

We also subscribe to Vectorworks Select Service - a leading traditional CAD service. This allows us to receive and work on CAD files in a variety of different formats and collaborate on projects such as banquets and galas where specific lighting design software is not required.

At Moosetek we take pride in investing in the best tools possible to keep us at the forefront of drafting and rendering capability in the industry, and in turn, passing those benefits onto our clients.

We at Moosetek understand and appreciate the phrase "a picture is worth a thousands words". The software that we use allow us to produce full colour, photographic quality images of an event's design and all of it's elements. The technical drawings created can then be used not only as a blueprint for installation, but also for depicting how elements will appear and work together in the space. It is an incredible resource for allowing the client to see a near exact representation of how their event will look before the first truck is even unloaded. Recently, it has also become possible to generate stand alone movie sequences of the actual show programming from various viewpoints within the venue, providing the client with a "virtual fly through" of their event in progress.

From the pattern on the floor, to the colour of the lights, renderings and visualizations are just another in a pile of tools we use to communicate ideas with the client and produce any element of an event with confidence and efficiency